• Scholarship Certificate and Key - Second only to the Order of the Coif in difficulty and eligibility, this award is available only to members who have attained a class standing in the top 7 percent of their junior class or the top 15 percent of their senior class. In the alternative, at those law schools where such percentage determinations are not made available, senior students with a grade point average of 3.00 or better on a 4.00 scale or a letter grade average of B or better, qualify for the award. Eligibility for this award requires certification by the school and that the student be an International member in good standing with his or her student senate. A scholarship report form can be obtained from the Master Scholar or the International Office to apply for the certificate, which is issued at no charge to all eligible members. Recipients of such certificates are entitled to purchase a Delta Theta Phi Scholarship Key at cost. Alumni may apply for this award if they qualified while a student. 

  • William H. Thomas Award for Oral Advocacy - The late Chancellor, William H. Thomas, established this award for professional advocacy because of his great interest in oral advocacy and trial law. This award, supplemented by an additional gift from distinguished alumnus Clarence W. Pierce, is presented to the student delegates who, in making their reports at the biennial convention, demonstrate the highest excellence in oral advocacy. They are judged upon the overall effectiveness of their five minute presentations, including outlook, logic, and matters or significance to the Fraternity, both locally and internationally. There are cash awards for the first, second, and third place winners who are selected by a special committee appointed by the Chancellor at each convention. 

  • Joseph M. Perry, Jr. Award for Parliamentary Advocacy  - This award was established by a trust endowed in memory of Margaret Depp Benzinger and managed by the Delta Theta Phi Foundation. It provides awards at the biennial convention to students who best exemplify the art of oral advocacy in parliamentary proceedings.

  • Walter H.E. “Doc” Jaeger Memorial Award - This award, established in 1984, was created by the Delta Theta Phi Foundation in memory of the last past Chancellor, Walter H.E. Jaeger. It is a certificate acknowledging scholastic excellence and will be made to the Delta Theta Phi student member at each senate with the highest scholastic standing, provided that he or she achieved an “A” average or its equivalent in first year Contracts. Qualified members should have their Tribune send a statement indicating that the member has the highest scholastic standing at the senate and enclosing a copy of the member’s transcript to the International Office.

  • Outstanding Student Awards - Presentations or recommendations for the Outstanding Student Awards for each school year are to be submitted to the National Office on or before June 1st in odd-numbered years, June 30th in even-numbered years. Letters of recommendation and commendation from State or District Chancellors, other Fraternity officers, and other appropriate persons, may be included as part of such presentations. No particular form is prescribed but all submissions should be legible, professional in appearance and content, and submitted  to the International Office.

      1. The criteria by which competing students are to be evaluated for this award is as follows:
      2. The activities and record of the students as a whole.
      3. Achievements of the student in the name of the Fraternity.
      4. Honors received by the individual in the field of law.
      5. Participation of the individual in connection with law journals and other publications.
      6. Participation by the member in student bar and law association work.
      7. Scholastic standing of the student.
      8. Participation of the student in senate activities.
      9. Participation in the work of student legal aid.
      10. Athletic achievements of the student.
      11. Participation of the student in expansion and reactivation activities.